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Anne Driscoll

Anne Driscoll

Anne Driscoll is an award-winning journalist, licensed social worker and a writer for Teen People and CosmoGirl magazine. She has also written for the New York Times, Boston Globe, People, and Parenting Magazine.

 In her research for the Girl to Girl series of guidebooks, she has been in contact with hundreds of girls and boys around the globe. She and her work have been the subject of stories or reviews in Publishers Weekly, National Education Association, The Times of London and The Times Educational Supplement.

Driscoll is the lead investigator for the Girls' Forum of the North American Family Institute, which provides services to more court-involved girls than any other agency in the US. She is also a consultant to Jesse's Journal, a school-based curriculum for building healthy relationships geared to middle school students. Her books are recommended as a resource for the Raising Confident and Competent Girls curriculum developed for middle school girls by the Wellesley College Center for Research on Women.

Driscoll is a frequent public speaker and has given talks to students, parents and teachers in England, Ireland, Northern Ireland and the US. She has also been interviewed about her work on television and radio, both in the US and abroad.


New Releases:

Girl to Girl


PFP Publishing is extremely pleased and honored to announce the release of a new edition of Driscoll's book, Girl to Girl: The Real Deal On Being A Girl Today in print and eBook versions. 







Praise for Driscoll's Work:

A "girl power" book for pre-teens, Girl to Girl: The Real Deal on Being a Girl Today by Anne Driscoll spills secrets of keeping friends, cracks the code of boyspeak and gives the skinny on body image. Quotations from preteen girls pepper the text with a chorus of voices, along with sidebars, quizzes, cartoon illustrations and profiles of regular girls. 

- Publishers Weekly

Driscoll, who has written for Teen People, surveyed hundreds of girls from around the country - and the world - regarding their experiences with friends, family, teachers, boys and more. What she found is that the majority shared experiences from which other girls could learn. In their own voices, girls tackle some of the big issues (boys, body image, boys) with Driscoll's advice on building better relationships and self-confidence. 

- Detroit News

"Ballet dancer or basketball star, super student or struggling scholar, most popular girl in the class or painfully shy loner, the joys and victories of growing up female are here. So too are the tiny pangs and grand predicaments that tear at young girls. And the best news is that Anne Driscoll offers ideas and solutions, practical steps to overcome life's hurdles. What a great present for a girl, or her parents."

- David Sadker, author of Failing at Fairness: How Our Schools Shortchange Girls